getting caught up

I guess a lot can happen in a month of not blogging! So here is my attempt at filling in the holes that I have not otherwise done over twitter or instagram (or if you’re only reading for the first time…or gave up on me!)

June was eventful to say the least. I finally got through my two dreadful summer courses of microbiology and biochemistry. I don’t know how I did it, but let’s just say that I went a little crazy in the process 😛

I now only have a psych course to focus on, but it’s distance ed and wasn’t compressed into 6 weeks like the other two. I don’t finish this course until August 13th (which is when I write the final exam for it), but compared to the hell I was going through before with balancing it along with the other craptastic two, this is a walk in the park! I’ll take it!

Since school compromised so much of my life and identity, I kind of kept a little secret hidden, until I couldn’t take it any longer. As soon as my semester ended, I broke the news (mainly because I was ready to explode!) and am so relieved I did. Again, for those of you that don’t know…

^^ This is the news. ^^

You can expect a baby me (or baby hubby) come mid-November.

But before that, you can totally expect tons of freaking out, worrying, mixed emotions, joy and randomness from me when it comes to baby-related topics in the meantime 😉

I hope to better keep you in the loop plus start doing those week-by-week baby posts that everyone loves (or maybe it’s just me because I’m there now…)

I’m already halfway through pregnancy, but also felt it was a good time to start posts, seeing as big changes only recently started happening – like, officially feeling my first kick, which happened in week 19. I also hope to officially be switched over to my own domain name by the end of the month. That’s one major thing I’m looking forward to.

Once again, I really appreciate those of you who read while we’re in the limbo stages!!


10 thoughts on “getting caught up

  1. I KNEW IT. I thought I missed something on your blog – but I just got the vibe that you were expecting – but didn’t want to come right out and ask.

    YAY! CHAR! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Congratulations!! (And good look with your summer course 🙂 )

  2. Awww Congrats! I am due at the beginning of november and am loving the little movements I’ve been feeling. I’m sure once they are huge punches and jabs it might not feel so cute 🙂 Hope things continue to go smoothly for you!

  3. omgshhhh congratulations!! Although I don’t know you, I’m really excited for you and I can feel the nerves and joy through this 😀 I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable journey despite the ups and down.

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