baby: 21 weeks

How far along? 21 whole weeks!

Baby’s size? A banana (and I felt weird eating one after I read that haha).

Total weight gain/loss: This question is quite irrelevant seeing as I don’t know how much I weighed before baby…scrapping it from the line of questions after this time!!

Maternity clothes? None yet…only because I live in lululemon stretchies ALL the time!!

Stretch marks? None

Sleep: Sleeping is good!!

Best moment this week:  Having our ultrasound today! We haven’t seen the baby since 7 weeks (aka: when it looked like a blob)

Miss Anything? Unpasteurized drinks. Why oh why is Whole Foods glorious fresh lemonade they strategically place near the cash NOT pasteurized?!

Movement: Feeling it several times throughout the day. Sometimes I prod it to move if I feel it’s been a while since I’ve felt it last!!

Food cravings: Nadda…unless you count the lemonade I can’t have.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nadda either (thank goodness!)

Gender: UNKNOWN…and it will stay this way til birth 🙂

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: None.

Belly Button in or out? In and still rocking my bellybutton ring, which the husband hates!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy…especially after the ultrasound today. Actually, more giddy haha

Looking forward to: Moving into our new place this month, painting the baby’s room (have it all planned out in my little brain), running when it’s not a million degrees outside!

I mentioned above how we had the ultrasound today. I seriously was so excited for this because 7 weeks pregnant seemed so distant compared to being 21! I knew it would have changed a lot (I think it even changed so much the week following our ultrasound!), and officially look like a human, and less of a blob.

Totally not a blob anymore:


One of the official foot’s that kicks me daily – love this little foot!

I know it’s my child because it was being quite stubborn to clearly get a picture of the side profile. They took as good of one as they could, but it still wasn’t ideal. Stubborn little baby 😉


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