what i do now that school is out

Well for starters, I continually change my blog theme! I’m very indecisive, and just hope that one day I can just design it how I want…instead of toying with the limited options in the themes that WordPress gives you. (Like, with this theme, I cannot stand how small it makes the font when you’re viewing the actual post versus how much bigger the font is when you come to my homepage to view the most recent post!)

I go to the library and take out more books than I’ll ever be able to read. I also have the person at the check-out (who noticed all my baby books) say, “ugh, do you have far to walk with these?” It’s a good thing that I live two steps away from the library.

I’m most excited for this book seeing as I could definitely learn a thing…or two.

A look at the books I ended up getting. I’ll be lucky if I get through half…seriously!

I half-pack for moving, because fulling taking on packing is beyond my mental capacity right now. Hello! I have a stack of books to get reading! (This photo doesn’t evenย count as packing seeing as it’s one bin in the spare bedroom. I think the husband and I will soon have a rude-awakening of how fast we need to get our sh*t together!)

I go to my grandparents as much as I can now because this is their view:

They also live much closer to better food choices like Whole Foods and my new fav, Kind Food:

I run (slower than ever, which is something I’m still coping with).

I take wayย too many belly pictures.

And I’m going to start winging it with cooking/baking/preparing; whatever I feel like, goes.

Right now on that list (as in today) is: polenta, Horchata (already prepared), beach cookies and a quinoa salad for lunch tomorrow.

I didn’t say they would all go together.

I also want to take this time to do some pregnancy-focused posts, but not to the point that all this is, is a pregnancy blog. Mainly, I want to talk about the changes I’ve made so far (or haven’t made!), along with my weekly updates and whatever else pops into mind. My next pregnancy-focused post will most likely be on the physical changes, such as dealing with a growing belly and staying active.

As for now, I better get making that polenta, boiling that quinoa, and preheating the oven for cookies. I feel like such a scatterbrain and it will only get worse ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 thoughts on “what i do now that school is out

  1. I love that you took out a book on designing blogs – you’re so motivated! I’ve been wanting to become self hosted and design my own page for ages, but I’ve been way too lazy to take the leap. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also let me know next time you visit your grandparents – we should do a WF/Naked Sprout/Kindfood date!

  2. I’m so jealous, I’ve still got another month left of school before I get a break! I love going to library to and getting out way to many books. It’s even worse now that I can download them from the library site directly to my kobo. I don’t envy you moving though, definitely not my favourite thing to do! Glad you’re enjoying your freedom from school and enjoying your pregnancy updates. I’m well past the baby days but love to live vicariously thru others ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well good luck with the remainder of school. I’ll try to not gloat too much (seeing as I am still kinda in school til August due to a distance ed course!)

      I need to invest in a kobo clearly! lol

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