a growing belly

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of my biggest fears was the growing belly. I’ve always been so conscious of my stomach and was afraid I’d hate it expanding on me; especially since I had issues with the non-expanding one.

But what I’ve learned so far is that I don’t care. I even shocked myself on that one! I must admit, at first it was nice to be pregnant (ie: the first 15 weeks or so) and not see any noticeable changes in my stomach size (except when lying down). I would joke to my mom, “is there even a baby in there?!” But now that the changes are becoming more noticeable, I’m almost excited for when it pops more.

You overcome the most amazing obstacles when you’re growing a new human 😉


On a related ‘belly’ note, the husband and I modeled for golf attire last year and got asked to do it again this year. I was obviously concerned with doing this considering I am pregnant, but Tyler’s friend said it would be fine.We did this last Friday and then again yesterday, and everything went fine. The photographer just worked with different angles so that my ‘pouch’ wouldn’t show up in the pictures.

I thought modeling while pregnant would be something that made me feel very conscious about my growing belly, but everyone was so understanding and adapting. Even some jokes were thrown in like, ‘baby’s first photoshoot.’ And I’m definitely interested to see how the pictures turn out! (We should find out more details in a week or so.)

Here’s a few screenshots I took from the catalogue from last year (or you can check out the wesbite – my hottie husband is on the main page at the time of typing this!)


What are your workout plans for this week?

I want to try and get at least 3 runs in. I asked the sis if she wanted to bike tomorrow night while I run, and she’s in! I also plan on doing some arms today (aka after I publish this post!)

Have you ever modeled before?

I’ve done some other promotional stuff, and did a few things to build my portfolio, but modeling golf attire has by far been the best. Out on the course in the sun all day – can’t beat it!


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