how to be productive and welcome bland cooking

As soon as I finished my intense summer courses, I immediately thought I would go into full-on do nothing mode (but, don’t tempt me because there’s still the option of this happening). But in reality, I actually got straight to packing so we can move!

Despite my first weak attempt at packing, I decided that if I just did it, I’d feel so much better. And since I’m not much of a help picking up boxes after they’re packed, I figured the least I could do was jam everything in them. Hey – it’s the easier part, too! 😉

The thing that actually got me to start packing? Making a ‘to do’ list.

I don’t know why, but as soon as I have a list, I’m fine to do those things I would have whined about before. The great news is that the only things on that list that didn’t get a check mark beside it (and yes, I need those boxes there to ‘tick’ them off as I go!) were the ‘start packing clothes’ and ‘respond to 2 posts.’ Luckily the ‘respond to 2 posts’ isn’t even packing related, so I pretty much dominated that packing list!

I guess once you get going at something, you can accomplish more than you maybe thought you would have. I think I packed over 6 boxes in total! I have the empty cupboards to prove it!

This is clearly all you need to last a week (and a bit) until you move, right?

I don’t know why I chose for cinnamon, vanilla and sugar to hang around, but for some reason at the time of packing it seemed logical (the PB is a given for why it was held back). In all fairness, keeping the sugar was a stellar idea, as my sister and I used it last night to make a simple syrup for homemade lemonade. I knew my baby brain was good for something!

My kitchen in a nutshell box designed to hold bananas (getting boxes from grocery store rocks!)

 You would think that I’m trying to starve us by the amount of food you actually see on the surface of these boxes, but I promise the rest underneath is nonfood.

 It was actually hard to move my stand mixer before I actually would move with it. I’m trying to get over my attachment issues early, so that way when my child starts kindergarten, I won’t even have the time to stop the car, they’ll just have to roll out. 😛

I was seriously so in the moving zone, that when I was clearing out the kitchen, I didn’t just stop at the ‘stuff not used recently’ part (refer to ‘to do’ list); I cleared out all the essentials, including every.single.spice.I.own.

You can tell where the curry powder used to sit – notice the yellow blob on the very bottom shelf?

It probably wasn’t my most brilliant idea to remove all the spices from our house before we stop cooking in it, but I couldn’t justify not packing them all up. I feel the need for clearings vs. keeping a few things back in case I might use them (minus the cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and PB – those are clearly very different circumstances), because I never ended up using the things I hold back, anyways! So for now, it’s all S&P and whatever ‘spices’ I have in my fridge – ketchup and mustard anyone?! Bland cooking is the new flavourful cooking.

I didn’t get any packing done yesterday because I need to go to the new place, unpack those boxes, and then bring the emptied boxes back to our place to reuse, but I think I accomplished a lot 2 days ago! That’s for sure! And we’ll see if I take a trip over to the new place today to unload those boxes so I can bring them back.


I have a new baby post coming tomorrow!!


What helps you get things done that need to be done?

I seriously live for that ‘to do’ list – even if I write it and don’t even refer to it the whole day. Just the fact of writing the things down gets me into action.

What is one spice you couldn’t live without? (besides S&P)

I don’t even think I have an answer to this one! Maybe garlic or onion powder just because they’re such essentials, too!


3 thoughts on “how to be productive and welcome bland cooking

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  2. For some reason I forgot to put your new blog address in my google reader. I noticed that you haven’t updated in a while, so I checked your last post, and came across the new address.

    So I’m a little behind in your posts, but congrats on the news! Also, we’ve had way too many things in common in the past few posts (except I’m not pregnant). I moved two weeks ago, but my hubby decided to pack up all the spices and baking supplies a month early. The worst part is that he didn’t label the boxes, so I’m still trying to find them. The only thing saving us is that we moved from an apartment to a house so BBQing is new and exciting!

    My stand mixer was the absolute last thing to go in the move. She got to ride in a car with the TV, I didn’t trust the moving truck. We also got the house a week early, so we moved in bits and pieces.

    I discovered my local library yesterday a few blocks from my new address, and definitely picked up more books than I can possibly read this summer.

    • Wow we are too similar!! Haha. The best part about having two places at the same time is the ease of bringing everything over gradually instead of all at once. I just brought a few more things over tonight even though I really just wanted to lie down hahha. Hope you’re move went well!!!!

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