pregnancy brain is my sixth sense

No, I don’t see dead people. Sorry, young Mischa Barton.


I know that normally ‘pregnancy brain’ works in the opposite fashion of actually helping you out, but mine is pretty darn fantastic at being my sidekick…at least for now.

You’re probably wondering how a pregnancy brain can even function as a sixth sense, so let me tell you: it helps me with things I otherwise thought I wouldn’t have been able to do. What I mean by this is, I think it actually knows that I’ll need to do something or have something in the future. So, I’ll prep myself for said thing, forget completely about it, then be amazed when past-me actually helped future-me out.

Example of this: Making pancakes after my 10 mile run.

Yesterday, I ran at mom’s house, then decided I wanted to make banana bread pancakes (side note: if you’ve seriously never made these, you have to now – I think I’ve linked up to this recipe so many times, just saaaayin’!) because I saw she had bananas rotting. So naturally, I stole her rotten bananas, quickly looked up the recipe to see what else I would need to steal from her house in order to make the pancakes (because we’re moving, I’ve packed a bunch of stuff and already moved over a lot from our kitchen) and stole those items, too! I thought I just needed brown sugar and nutmeg, but once home, I realized I needed baking powder, as well. So, I showered, cursed at myself for not just getting the 2 teaspoons I needed while at my mom’s and then texted my mom to see if she could run some over ASAP.

The reason I didn’t just get it while I was at my mom’s house is because I had kind of forgotten that the baking soda and powder were part of the spice cupboard, and of course I packed up everything from the spice cupboard and had already taken it over the new place. BUT, when I went into the other very bare cupboard to grab the cinnamon, I noticed that the baking soda AND powder were actually in there!

I had forgotten that I actually kept those two behind in case I needed them. Obviously my pregnancy brain knew I’d want to make something uber delicious (aka: pancakes) in the near future and decided to hold back the baking powder.

I quickly texted my mom and told her that I out-smarted myself! So, pancakes were made!

The crazy thing is, why didn’t I remember not packing the baking powder?! AND, when I was at my mom’s looking right at it, deciding what else I needed for the recipe, I decided that I didn’t need to bring it home with me…what does this all mean?!

This is why I believe my pregnancy brain is my true sixth sense; because I obviously had the sense of not needing it from my mom’s house for some reason.

If my brain stays like this throughout pregnancy, then I can’t lose! Especially when it comes to devouring delicious pancakes.


Another side note…

I don’t know how you could ever:

1) not like these pancakes;

2) not enjoy pancakes, in general;

3) not just want to eat pancakes for the rest of eternity.

I clearly love pancakes.


What was YOUR pregnancy brain like when you were pregnant/what’s it like while pregnant/if you’re not pregnant, do you believe the whole pregnancy brain concept?!

In my 22 weeks post I said that my memory actually improved with being pregnant, so I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing still!

When moving, would you rather do it all in one day or take small things over gradually (if you had the option) like I’m doing?!

What I like most about being able to take small things over bits at a time is that fact that our place is now getting emptier and emptier – as a visual person, this really helps me out! BUT, from the other point of view, obviously moving all at once is better for your sanity, so you’re not left wondering if you’ve already moved something over and decided what to keep in case you need it still!!


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