i went on a mini vacay

So I went on a mini vacation. It was no babymoon (wink wink husband), but it was still enjoyed nonetheless.

My mom is off work this and next week and decided to do a mini trip to Pennsylvania with my brother and sister. Naturally, I invited myself. I think I said something along the lines of, ‘and I can come too. Right?!’

My mom wanted to take my siblings to Hersheypark and also so we could check out what Hershey is all about. It was actually a pretty awesome place. Not only is a guided tour of how Hershey chocolate is made right beside the park, but it’s free admission to the tour!




We did the little tour first and then walked on over to the park.

Unlucky for me, I’m pregnant and got to miss out on the sweet roller coasters. I love my future child, but I was seriously upset that I couldn’t be inline with my fam, riding it with them. So I took pics instead and enjoyed the free wifi (did you catch me on instagram?!)


Sky rush was the first ride my fam went on and I believe the newest roller coaster to the park. It was so hot while I waited for them in the shade, so I don’t know how they managed while directly in the sun, surrounded by other people. The things we do for a thrill :P.

It rained halfway through the day and cooled everything off. Only bummer was a lot of the rides were shut down due to lightening, so we caught an indoor show while some of the raining and ride shutdown was going on. Everybody loves a little tap dance number to protect you from the rain! Please note that I’m being serious – I used to dance when I was younger, although tap wasn’t my strong suit!!

Little sister pose action going on while we stall to leave the stadium and into the rain.


My fam got a few more roller coasters in once the rain passed and kinda got lucky with the line up for this one (I call it the death roller coaster).


They were just reopening the ride when we were walking by so my mom and brother got in line and were on the third car! My sis was the smart one and hung out with me!

I promise I’ll only show you one more pic from the park. I’m so nice to my family and take pics of them on rides. I pretty much turned them into celebs. Here’s my mom and brother, again, riding on another coaster. This one was perfect for a photo shot. And don’t mind my goof ball brother – his faces are priceless.


They loved this one so much that they did it twice. The second time they went on, my sis and I left to do a car ride (ie: my thrill ride for the day).

I actually take that back. I got to partake in one really awesome and somewhat competitive ride where you have to shoot at targets while in a moving car. We decided to do this one twice because:
a) who doesn’t love shooting at targets?!
b) what better way to escape the rain than to shoot at targets inside!!

Let’s just say I kicked some butt. I even kicked my own butt the second time. I had to take a picture of my score to prove that pregnant ladies can still have fun at amusement parks.


Was a great day and had fun with the fam!!

We did some shopping the next day and I’ll post about that part of it in another post so I don’t go on with this post forever!!

I’m actually posting from my phone right now (so if there’s a mess up with the pics you know why!!) because we’re right smack dab in the middle of moving. So although all of our ‘big’ stuff is at the new place (ie: where I am right now), all of our small stuff is still at the other place (ie: the majority of my kitchen). We currently don’t have Internet at the new place, so the best I can do is write from my phone!! Obviously I’ll be on it ASAP to get the internet and probably getting my food from the old place would be a good idea too 😉

Today was suppose to be my baby update day, but I haven’t even done belly pictures yet. So look for that one tomorrow, but if not, then Sunday for sure!

are you a roller coaster person??

I already have locked down my sister as a sitter next summer so we can take turns doing roller coasters. That’s clearly how much I miss them!!!


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