baby: 23 weeks


How far along? 23 weeks!!

Baby’s size? A ‘large’ mango (not sure how it goes in size from squash to mango, but I’ll roll with it :P).

Total weight gain/loss: I’m not sure why ‘loss’ is even an option for this question haha.

Maternity clothes? Still keeping strong at none. But want/need more flowy tops.

Stretch marks? None still, and I had a friend last night give me some of her cream she used while pregnant so I can’t wait to slather it on!!


Sleep: Still no problems here which I’m thankful for!! I know that one can change soon haha!

Best moment this week: Going with my fam to Pennsylvania and getting new running shoes! But I still haven’t tried them out yet! Anyone else not like getting new running shoes dirty?!?!

Another awesome moment this week was my little sis feeling lotsa baby kicks since we shared a bed together at the hotel. So she got to feel all the night kicks when I first get in bed!! She was so excited!

Miss Anything? Having a nice summer bevy!

Movement: I think I’m feeling them pretty consistently now! Tons of movement after walking around an amusement park all day!

Food cravings: I rocked some sweet tea while we were in the states because that stuff is delicious!!


Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing off the top of my head.

Gender: Still…your guess is as good as mine!

Labor Signs: No and lets keep it that way!

Symptoms: I can’t say that I have much to complain about.


Belly Button in or out? It becomes more of an outtie each week. I’m still coping haha.

I took my belly button ring out 2 days ago. Sad, sad day.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’d say happy majority of the time.

Looking forward to: Midwife appointment next week and getting everything completely out of our old place and organizing the new one!!!

Pics to follow. It was an extremely busy day do expect pics of me looking fantastic. (This is pure sarcasm.)


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