what i’ve learned about moving: part two

There was never the intention to make a part two of this type of post, but moving has given me a lot to vent talk about.

Part one is here.

The additional things I’ve learned from moving:

1. Grandparents are amazing. Not only did mine come into town to help me clean and pack, but they did this for almost 7 hours with me. Had they not come up, I seriously think I would have been screwed. They probably never want to come back and visit me again because of the slave labour I put upon them, so I volunteered I go clean there house when need be.

2. Packing the little things is tedious. I think they’re worse than the big things. I felt like a bag lady.

3. Moving in summer is never fun. I think I sweat the amount I drank yesterday…which is probably the equivalent of 2.5L.

4. Don’t have your oven on the self-clean mode while you’re trying to pack up everything. Not only will it turn the already small space into an oven, but will make you sweat more than humanly possible.

5. Wear a good deodorant. The last thing you need is your grandparents avoiding your calls because you physically drained them and because they never want to smell you. Again.

6. When you think you’ve done/cleaned/cleared everything, chances are you haven’t. Did you remember to check the cupboard above the fridge?? That’s what I thought….

7. Don’t let your husband leave for a golf weekend. Ever is probably key but especially when you’re trying to move. I might have left out the minor detail that he was gone in case you were wondering why I dragged my grandparents into town.

8. And finally, don’t keep moving every 8 to 9 month like we seem to do. Find a spot and stay!!! Being gypsies was fine when it was just the two of us but babies bring tons of little things along with them (refer back to #2).

Have you moved around a lot in your life? If so, how many times?
I’ve only been moving more recently since meeting the husband. He’s slowly pushed his gypsy ways on me!!


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