it must be the new shoes…

Remember how I mentioned that I went to PA with the fam and also did some shopping apart from the amusement park?! Well, it’s time to cover what was purchased on that trip. I think you might have a slight guess from the title of this post.

My goal was to hit up the Under Armour outlet store, and hit it up hard! My main goal was to get new running shoes this trip, regardless of where they came from, but I really was hoping for New Balance. Sad thing is I couldn’t find a New Balance outlet close to us, so Under Armour was looking like the next best thing.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t even the next best thing, but turned out to be the best thing.

They may look super crazy, but there’s good reasons for me picking these colours.

#1. The only other colour in this style were grey and green, which are the same colours as my last pair of runners. I may be boring, but not that boring.


And, #2. Simplest girl rule: choose the shoe that makes your feet look the smallest. That was totally the black ones.


Oh, and maybe #3. Having a shoe that feels like your walking on a cloud > crazy colours!


I have more to say about these shoes, but before I get to that, I wanted to also quickly show you the clothing purchases from Under Armour as well. I have one shirt that I really wear from Under Armour, but other than that, I’m a loyal lululemon fan. But, seeing as lululemon is pretty much out of my price range at the moment and I need more summer running gear, Under Armour was my go to.


Pretty sure everything I bought, including the shoes, would have covered one pair of pants from lulu, plus a headband, if lucky. That was reason enough to switch brands.

I tested out the purple shirt yesterday with a nice 4 miler around the new subdivision, and it totally did the job for this pregnant lady. The top is super long, which I like, and will expand awesome with my belly, which I also like. It also did it’s job of absorbing all my sweat and keeping me cool!



It was my own fault for getting so sweaty in the first place, because I always seem to overdress when I run outside. Oh, when will I learn!!

This brings me to the point of my post…back to those shoes.

I was going to run outside, but decided it was too windy and also having a knock at my door from one of the construction guys saying, “in about an hour we’re turning the water off for 2-3 hours while we work on the water main” was enough convincing for me to go to my mom’s and just use her treadmill.

I felt SO fantastic in my new shoes, that I wish you could have morphed into me. I do not kid when I make the comparison to running on a cloud (if it were possible to do this).

Not only did I run 8 miles instead of the 6 I had planned to do, but I also did one of those 8 miles at 6.6mph which is pretty much unheard of for me lately. I just felt so good, and my breath was pretty even, that I made it happen! My typical pace is anywhere from 6.0 – 6.3mph so running that 6.6 felt like a huge accomplishment…especially at 23.5 weeks pregnant.

It must be the new shoes 😉

I tested out the new shorts on this run, as well, and success, no chaffing!!

Please ignore the very untoned upper leg region. I clearly have a lot of work to do before these shorts hit the streets!


Where do you get most of your workout gear from OR which brand do you love the best?!

I always have been a lulu lover, but I could see myself getting more Under Armour now!


2 thoughts on “it must be the new shoes…

  1. Haha don’t know what you’re talking about with your untoned thigh region, your legs look great! BUT this is one area during/after pregnancy that I noticed changes. Your body naturally stores fat there for breastfeeding! 😉 Way to go mama! So proud of you 🙂

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