baby: 23 weeks


How far along? 23 weeks!!

Baby’s size? A ‘large’ mango (not sure how it goes in size from squash to mango, but I’ll roll with it :P).

Total weight gain/loss: I’m not sure why ‘loss’ is even an option for this question haha.

Maternity clothes? Still keeping strong at none. But want/need more flowy tops.

Stretch marks? None still, and I had a friend last night give me some of her cream she used while pregnant so I can’t wait to slather it on!!


Sleep: Still no problems here which I’m thankful for!! I know that one can change soon haha!

Best moment this week: Going with my fam to Pennsylvania and getting new running shoes! But I still haven’t tried them out yet! Anyone else not like getting new running shoes dirty?!?!

Another awesome moment this week was my little sis feeling lotsa baby kicks since we shared a bed together at the hotel. So she got to feel all the night kicks when I first get in bed!! She was so excited!

Miss Anything? Having a nice summer bevy!

Movement: I think I’m feeling them pretty consistently now! Tons of movement after walking around an amusement park all day!

Food cravings: I rocked some sweet tea while we were in the states because that stuff is delicious!!


Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing off the top of my head.

Gender: Still…your guess is as good as mine!

Labor Signs: No and lets keep it that way!

Symptoms: I can’t say that I have much to complain about.


Belly Button in or out? It becomes more of an outtie each week. I’m still coping haha.

I took my belly button ring out 2 days ago. Sad, sad day.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’d say happy majority of the time.

Looking forward to: Midwife appointment next week and getting everything completely out of our old place and organizing the new one!!!

Pics to follow. It was an extremely busy day do expect pics of me looking fantastic. (This is pure sarcasm.)


what i’ve learned about moving

This shouldn’t be a hard one to guess. I’ve learned that packing sucks, and that unpacking sucks even more.

Thank goodness I’m not a thousand months pregnant or the amount that’s already been done so far would have been non-existent.

The one thing I did not want to go and do after work today was pack up more stuff from the old place. So I went to the old place, sat on the ground and called my grandma. Grandma’s trump packing up things you probably don’t care about anyways.

After I got off the phone with her, I got out of denial and got to work. It really was only our bedroom and the kitchen left, so I targeted the kitchen today. Baby’s gotta eat!

For some reason I move in slow motion when I do things I dread. So what probably could have taken 45 mins, I turned it into an hour and a half. And did I mention that I was hungry the whole time!!

It’s hard to believe that this space used to be our living room!!


Now just an empty space that makes me wonder why it looked so much smaller with our stuff in it!! Does pregnancy mess with your perception?!

Once I got back to the new place, I quickly got out the things I needed to make vegan BLTs (like the frying pan I dragged over from the old place), and pretty much devoured that bad boy!!

(recycled photo yet still delicious)


You can find me not unpacking the kitchen tonight because I can’t even bare to touch those boxes.


Same goes for the hallway.


As for where my sanity stands…your guess is as good as mine.


Since this was clearly not a baby bump post, that will be coming tomorrow. But for now, I did put this little pic together. Do you see the changes?!


What do you hate most about moving?
I seriously have to say it all..moving to a newer and bigger place was my only motivation.

What’s your favourite sandwich??
Love these vegan BLTs right now but also love a veggie sub from Subway!

Sorry if the photos are huge. I have no concept of their size on my phone. Thats one thing I’ll have to look at and alter if need be when I get my comp on some Internet!!

pregnancy brain is my sixth sense

No, I don’t see dead people. Sorry, young Mischa Barton.


I know that normally ‘pregnancy brain’ works in the opposite fashion of actually helping you out, but mine is pretty darn fantastic at being my sidekick…at least for now.

You’re probably wondering how a pregnancy brain can even function as a sixth sense, so let me tell you: it helps me with things I otherwise thought I wouldn’t have been able to do. What I mean by this is, I think it actually knows that I’ll need to do something or have something in the future. So, I’ll prep myself for said thing, forget completely about it, then be amazed when past-me actually helped future-me out.

Example of this: Making pancakes after my 10 mile run.

Yesterday, I ran at mom’s house, then decided I wanted to make banana bread pancakes (side note: if you’ve seriously never made these, you have to now – I think I’ve linked up to this recipe so many times, just saaaayin’!) because I saw she had bananas rotting. So naturally, I stole her rotten bananas, quickly looked up the recipe to see what else I would need to steal from her house in order to make the pancakes (because we’re moving, I’ve packed a bunch of stuff and already moved over a lot from our kitchen) and stole those items, too! I thought I just needed brown sugar and nutmeg, but once home, I realized I needed baking powder, as well. So, I showered, cursed at myself for not just getting the 2 teaspoons I needed while at my mom’s and then texted my mom to see if she could run some over ASAP.

The reason I didn’t just get it while I was at my mom’s house is because I had kind of forgotten that the baking soda and powder were part of the spice cupboard, and of course I packed up everything from the spice cupboard and had already taken it over the new place. BUT, when I went into the other very bare cupboard to grab the cinnamon, I noticed that the baking soda AND powder were actually in there!

I had forgotten that I actually kept those two behind in case I needed them. Obviously my pregnancy brain knew I’d want to make something uber delicious (aka: pancakes) in the near future and decided to hold back the baking powder.

I quickly texted my mom and told her that I out-smarted myself! So, pancakes were made!

The crazy thing is, why didn’t I remember not packing the baking powder?! AND, when I was at my mom’s looking right at it, deciding what else I needed for the recipe, I decided that I didn’t need to bring it home with me…what does this all mean?!

This is why I believe my pregnancy brain is my true sixth sense; because I obviously had the sense of not needing it from my mom’s house for some reason.

If my brain stays like this throughout pregnancy, then I can’t lose! Especially when it comes to devouring delicious pancakes.


Another side note…

I don’t know how you could ever:

1) not like these pancakes;

2) not enjoy pancakes, in general;

3) not just want to eat pancakes for the rest of eternity.

I clearly love pancakes.


What was YOUR pregnancy brain like when you were pregnant/what’s it like while pregnant/if you’re not pregnant, do you believe the whole pregnancy brain concept?!

In my 22 weeks post I said that my memory actually improved with being pregnant, so I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing still!

When moving, would you rather do it all in one day or take small things over gradually (if you had the option) like I’m doing?!

What I like most about being able to take small things over bits at a time is that fact that our place is now getting emptier and emptier – as a visual person, this really helps me out! BUT, from the other point of view, obviously moving all at once is better for your sanity, so you’re not left wondering if you’ve already moved something over and decided what to keep in case you need it still!!

pregnancy running goals

I originally didn’t really have plans to set running goals while pregnant. While I was taking my summer courses, they were obviously my focus and running was just a bonus if I could squeeze it in on the side.

But, now that I’m done those courses, I think about how I was training for a half marathon last summer, and how setting running goals made me feel really good.

I kind of get mad when people act like I have to set myself back now that I’m pregnant, but in reality, I’m actually doing that to myself with running while pregnant. If I don’t allow myself to setback in other areas, then why not the same for running?

I was a runner before I was pregnant, so my body knows that it can do it while pregnant, as well. And, this was the inspiration for wanting to set my pregnancy running goals. (Ok…maybe Janae had a bit to do with it, as well!)

It’s funny because they’re actually pretty similar to my running goals from before I was pregnant – aim to run 20 miles a week over 3-4 days.

I already have two amazing accomplishments from setting these running goals within the first week of really focussing on them.

First, I ran 20 miles this week! I did a 4 miler on Tuesday, a 6 miler on Thursday, which leads me to the next amazing accomplishment…

Second, I ran a 10 miler today, which marks my first 10 miler while pregnant!

I was pretty set on running 10 miles today, and I’m just so happy that it actually happened. I’m pretty stubborn, so reaching that 20 mile marker for the week was something I was not really willing to let slide.

I know all weeks won’t be 20 milers, but just having that number as guidance each week will give me more of a push to get running, especially on the days when I start coming up with excuses!

I actually ended up running 10 and then walking an additional mile.

I actually don’t think I’ve ever really walked a mile after running either, so that’s gotta count as another accomplishment this week, too! I really enjoyed walking the mile after; it allowed me to really cool down and get my body temp back to normal. I think I’ll definitely be doing that again!


I wanted to keep my running goals pretty basic, so that way if I don’t reach them, then it’s no hard feelings. Which is why I think I’ll be fine if one week I somehow ran 25 miles and the next it was only 5. I always want to keep running enjoyable, which is the number one reason I started doing it in the first place – because it makes me happy! NOT because of the number of miles I achieve! But let’s be honest, 20 miles for the first week did feel pretty nice 😉


If you’re a runner, how many miles do you like to try and run a week? OR if you don’t go by miles, how many days a week do you like to fit running into your routine?

During summer courses, my typical was 1-2 days a week, but now that I’m out, I’m finding a pattern of between 2 and 4.

What running shoe are you loving right now?!

I absolutely love New Balance running shoes, and I’m currently on the hunt for a new running shoe. I’m not opposed to trying another brand, but right now I really want to get the NB Minimus. Thoughts??

baby: 22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks!

Baby’s size? A spaghetti squash.

Total weight gain/loss: —-  <—this does not mean I have not gained anything lol but simply that I don’t really care/know/pay attention to

Maternity clothes? Still none. I love lulus.

Stretch marks? None, but I want to get some good cream juuuust in case!

look at my beeeellaaayy

Sleep: Sleeping fine. In all honesty, we actually slept in the spare bedroom last night (it has the same bed as our room) because our A/C actually comes from the ceiling down, and where our bed is in our room, the AC blasts me in the face at night, whereas in the spare it doesn’t. The husband was like ‘ugh’ at first when I said I wanted to sleep in the spare room…but he secretly loved it 😉 And I slept like a baby.

Best moment this week:  Getting 2 decent runs in (on the treadmill, unfortunately, because of the heat). Also, my mom felt the baby kick for the first time!

Miss Anything? Secretly…a flat stomach. Bathing suits aren’t my strong suit right now – no pun intended 😛

Movement: Yesterday there was basically no movement (or maybe I was the one moving too much), but it was quite active today!

Food cravings: BLTs? But only because I had the brilliant idea to try making them at home and it turned out fricken fantastic, so now I want more – does that count as a craving if it’s self-induced?!

I should also mention that the ‘B’ actually stands for tempeh bacon – I did not convert back to eating meat.

via instagram

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! But I did kinda feel a little ‘off’ this morning. Luckily it went away quickly though!

Gender: Guesses?!? Because I have absolutely no clue at this point in time.

Labor Signs: No…dear god, no.

Symptoms: I wanna say mild pregnancy brain for some things, but then for majority of things I have a rockstar memory – like better than before! I think I’m the weirdest pregnant lady. Ever.

Belly Button in or out? It’s borderline and it will definitely be an outtie by the time we’re through with this. I discovered this past week (after answering this question for the very first time last week), that this question made me aware of how odd my belly button really is.

Wedding rings on or off? They should and could be on, but sometimes my ring finger gets so dry, so they’ve been off since Monday.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy!

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to moving (we’re a few steps closer to being there!), as per usual, more running and BLTs.