it must be the new shoes…

Remember how I mentioned that I went to PA with the fam and also did some shopping apart from the amusement park?! Well, it’s time to cover what was purchased on that trip. I think you might have a slight guess from the title of this post.

My goal was to hit up the Under Armour outlet store, and hit it up hard! My main goal was to get new running shoes this trip, regardless of where they came from, but I really was hoping for New Balance. Sad thing is I couldn’t find a New Balance outlet close to us, so Under Armour was looking like the next best thing.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t even the next best thing, but turned out to be the best thing.

They may look super crazy, but there’s good reasons for me picking these colours.

#1. The only other colour in this style were grey and green, which are the same colours as my last pair of runners. I may be boring, but not that boring.


And, #2. Simplest girl rule: choose the shoe that makes your feet look the smallest. That was totally the black ones.


Oh, and maybe #3. Having a shoe that feels like your walking on a cloud > crazy colours!


I have more to say about these shoes, but before I get to that, I wanted to also quickly show you the clothing purchases from Under Armour as well. I have one shirt that I really wear from Under Armour, but other than that, I’m a loyal lululemon fan. But, seeing as lululemon is pretty much out of my price range at the moment and I need more summer running gear, Under Armour was my go to.


Pretty sure everything I bought, including the shoes, would have covered one pair of pants from lulu, plus a headband, if lucky. That was reason enough to switch brands.

I tested out the purple shirt yesterday with a nice 4 miler around the new subdivision, and it totally did the job for this pregnant lady. The top is super long, which I like, and will expand awesome with my belly, which I also like. It also did it’s job of absorbing all my sweat and keeping me cool!



It was my own fault for getting so sweaty in the first place, because I always seem to overdress when I run outside. Oh, when will I learn!!

This brings me to the point of my post…back to those shoes.

I was going to run outside, but decided it was too windy and also having a knock at my door from one of the construction guys saying, “in about an hour we’re turning the water off for 2-3 hours while we work on the water main” was enough convincing for me to go to my mom’s and just use her treadmill.

I felt SO fantastic in my new shoes, that I wish you could have morphed into me. I do not kid when I make the comparison to running on a cloud (if it were possible to do this).

Not only did I run 8 miles instead of the 6 I had planned to do, but I also did one of those 8 miles at 6.6mph which is pretty much unheard of for me lately. I just felt so good, and my breath was pretty even, that I made it happen! My typical pace is anywhere from 6.0 – 6.3mph so running that 6.6 felt like a huge accomplishment…especially at 23.5 weeks pregnant.

It must be the new shoes 😉

I tested out the new shorts on this run, as well, and success, no chaffing!!

Please ignore the very untoned upper leg region. I clearly have a lot of work to do before these shorts hit the streets!


Where do you get most of your workout gear from OR which brand do you love the best?!

I always have been a lulu lover, but I could see myself getting more Under Armour now!


pregnancy running goals

I originally didn’t really have plans to set running goals while pregnant. While I was taking my summer courses, they were obviously my focus and running was just a bonus if I could squeeze it in on the side.

But, now that I’m done those courses, I think about how I was training for a half marathon last summer, and how setting running goals made me feel really good.

I kind of get mad when people act like I have to set myself back now that I’m pregnant, but in reality, I’m actually doing that to myself with running while pregnant. If I don’t allow myself to setback in other areas, then why not the same for running?

I was a runner before I was pregnant, so my body knows that it can do it while pregnant, as well. And, this was the inspiration for wanting to set my pregnancy running goals. (Ok…maybe Janae had a bit to do with it, as well!)

It’s funny because they’re actually pretty similar to my running goals from before I was pregnant – aim to run 20 miles a week over 3-4 days.

I already have two amazing accomplishments from setting these running goals within the first week of really focussing on them.

First, I ran 20 miles this week! I did a 4 miler on Tuesday, a 6 miler on Thursday, which leads me to the next amazing accomplishment…

Second, I ran a 10 miler today, which marks my first 10 miler while pregnant!

I was pretty set on running 10 miles today, and I’m just so happy that it actually happened. I’m pretty stubborn, so reaching that 20 mile marker for the week was something I was not really willing to let slide.

I know all weeks won’t be 20 milers, but just having that number as guidance each week will give me more of a push to get running, especially on the days when I start coming up with excuses!

I actually ended up running 10 and then walking an additional mile.

I actually don’t think I’ve ever really walked a mile after running either, so that’s gotta count as another accomplishment this week, too! I really enjoyed walking the mile after; it allowed me to really cool down and get my body temp back to normal. I think I’ll definitely be doing that again!


I wanted to keep my running goals pretty basic, so that way if I don’t reach them, then it’s no hard feelings. Which is why I think I’ll be fine if one week I somehow ran 25 miles and the next it was only 5. I always want to keep running enjoyable, which is the number one reason I started doing it in the first place – because it makes me happy! NOT because of the number of miles I achieve! But let’s be honest, 20 miles for the first week did feel pretty nice 😉


If you’re a runner, how many miles do you like to try and run a week? OR if you don’t go by miles, how many days a week do you like to fit running into your routine?

During summer courses, my typical was 1-2 days a week, but now that I’m out, I’m finding a pattern of between 2 and 4.

What running shoe are you loving right now?!

I absolutely love New Balance running shoes, and I’m currently on the hunt for a new running shoe. I’m not opposed to trying another brand, but right now I really want to get the NB Minimus. Thoughts??

my first 10k race and attempt at a green thumb

And wow…it’s already Sunday again, which means I haven’t blogged in a week. My bad.
Putting that aside…

This morning I ran in my first 10k. It may seem silly considering I’ve already ran a half marathon (which I did a full recap of on my other blog and plan to reblog it over here!) and a 5-miler, but never a 10k. It was honestly the perfect distance for where I’m at in my running “career.” I think I’ll take the summer off, and attempt a second half in 2013 – sounds like a good year to me!

In terms of running races in general though, I think I need to run in more just to get over that initial nervous feeling, because it was all up in me this morning! I pretty much get to a race just before it’s about to start just so I don’t have the build up of nerves.
For this one today, I got there with 15 minutes to spare, which was just enough time for me to get safety pins and get that number on me!
 The hubby generously took a pic of me pre-race (aka the nicer looking version of me).
The post-race pics aren’t as pretty, mainly because I always wear more clothing than I should, and then become overheated while running. Yes, I’m so brilliant.
The hubby couldn’t come with me to the race because he had to work, but I somehow coaxed my mom and sister into attending. Ok so I bribed my sister with Starbucks…nbd.
My sister was my professional photog – she took a good action shot of me. But first, let me tell you about the course. Along with a 10k, they also had a 5k and 1k; the track I was on was actually a 5k and 10k peeps just ran it twice. This allowed me to run past my mom and sister halfway, which was so nice when you just wish that you signed up for the 5k instead.
I was happy when it was over and note to self: dress how you planned on dressing even if the weather doesn’t feel like it will warm up because it does – hello, you’re running!!
Me and the little sis after. I’m surprised she got that close to me. I warned her I was a sweaty mess, but she must love me that much to see past my smelliness.

We hung out for a little bit and then we went to the greenhouse.

I’ve never had a garden before (especially since I live in a gardenless place – aka townhouse with no lawn), but knew I wanted at least some herbs in some pots on the balcony.  My grandma graciously gave me some old potters a few weeks ago, and they have just been sitting on my balcony with no plant life in them.

So after the race, I asked my mom if we could stop at this one greenhouse we drive by, especially since I knew their herbs were on sale.

$20 later, I had some very nice herbs and a few other things, plus soil to fill those empty potters.

My sister came back to my place and watched me make a mess plant away, which didn’t take too long, or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing…hence the ‘first attempt at a green thumb’ title.

I successfully got everything transferred to pots and here is this final look:

I also have a few peony plants snuck in there that my mom bought me last weekend because I love peonies. I’m pretty excited for them to bloom!

Just disregard the pile of soil in the cardboard box. Like I said, my planting was more like ‘scattering soil’ – I think I slightly confused it for confetti.

I hope they survive for at least a month, because I’m about to get into what I actually purchased today.

Ok, so I lied – I didn’t purchase the chives; they’re from my grandma’s garden that she dug up for me yesterday. But, I promise the rest I did purchase…like the basil below.

A hot pepper plant (!!!) and kale (!!!!) – clearly I’m a big fan of both.

The herb plant pot – cilantro (my absolute fave), parsley and watercress. 
I lined everything up at the back of my balcony and crossing fingers, eyes and toes that they will grow and survive to give me good food all summer.

And finally, I also got two little plants for inside.

Really interested in seeing how my green thumb is…

QUESTION: How is your green thumb? Or do you have one? AND/OR what is your favourite thing to grow/would want to grow if you had a garden?!

tuesday thrills

1. Is it possible to go your whole life allergy-free then all of a sudden get them? Because that seems to be the only thing that makes sense for where this stuffy nose is coming from.

2. I tried Love Grown Foods granola for the FIRST time ever today. I think I was living under a rock before then. My flavour of choice:

3. I also tried So Delicious banana split coconut milk ice cream sandwiches for the first time yesterday. They are also another reason why I think I’ve been living under a rock up until now. I only ate one, but it could have easily been 5. Edited to add: I just noticed that these delicious little things only have a 100 calories per bar…super bonus!

4. It’s crazy, but it’s been a while since I’ve ran outside (considering how nice the weather is lately). I have this weird obsession with watching old Grey’s Anatomy episodes, so I would go over to my mom’s house and set up my laptop at perfect height to run and watch it (kill two birds with one stone type of deal –> edited: Char had a muuuuch better phrase to put here that I’m going to start using instead…she’s so clever! Feed two birds with one scone!!). It was quite a brilliant set up, if you ask me…

Now it’s time to be a big girl and run outside, where the sunshine exists.

5. I just discovered from someone’s retweet on Twitter that you can listen to the whole new Temper Tramp album, all you have to do is click HERE!!! My fav song by them will always be ‘Love Lost’ because the first time I heard it was in Australia, and that place is so amazing! Their new album is sounding pretty good…as I listen to it while writing this 😉

6. I haven’t taken a ‘real’ picture since getting an iPhone. It also doesn’t help that I had to give my tester camera back a few weeks ago. Plus, the memory card isn’t working for some reason on our current camera…so iPhone pictures it is, for now!

7. On Sunday (aka the last day of half-price fraps at Starbucks), I tried a chai tea frap and it was delicious. I wish I had tried it sooner because paying full-price for a frap is just non-sense!

And yes…I got a venti.

8. This is my mom’s little cutie and such a fluffy furball mess!

My sis didn’t want in the picture, but she’s my little cutie 😉

9. I went to my first (our town’s second) farmer’s market this past Saturday. I didn’t get much, but I still consider these some good pick ups!

And lastly…

10. Tomorrow is my birthday and I turn…old (aka: 26). I totally freaked out when turning 25, so 26 shouldn’t be as bad…but, why am I still freaking out?!

It also kind of sucks that I have school tomorrow on my birthday. I started on Friday and let me tell you, it’s going to be a fuuunnnn 6 weeks. I can already tell. Complete with a lot of crying and complaining to my friends who are strung along with me. We must be crazy!

QUESTION: What are your Tuesday thrills?!?

sunday funday

I don’t know why that phrase always makes me think of my husband’s friend, but it does.

(Husband, husband’s friend, Jared)
Maybe it’s because the first time I actually laughed about that expression was when he quoted it from Jared. Don’t worry Jared, I concur…especially with a caesar/bloody mary in hand 😉
Maybe we should change all the other day’s of the week (minus Monday) to something that rhymes with fun. Like Tuesday could be Runday (which it pretty much is for me anyways, since it’s a day off school I actually do have to run!). Wednesday could be Wonday. Thursday could be Punday. Friday itself can just be Funday; because 1) you don’t want to take the ‘F’ out of TGIF, and 2) it is fun to celebrate the weekend coming. And, Saturday could be Satunday!
Where was I when they came up with the names of days?! Oh right…not born!
My Sunday funday started with a little muffin action. As a vegan, the one thing I do miss on the odd occasion are muffins. It’s highly unlikely that you can get a muffin (and by that I mean buy) anywhere made without eggs or milk. I’m fine with making them myself, but it definitely does suck when you’re on campus and someone across the table from you is eating a crazy-good looking muffin, and you have nothing
I solved that ‘nothing’ problem and made some banana chocolate chip. Now I’ll be the one making people jealous tomorrow morning. I used the recipe from the 30 Day Vegan Challenge, which provides fool-proof recipes.
Sunday funday continued with a nice outdoor run. It’s been 8 days since I’ve ran, but I’m ok with it. I had a busy, busy week that my priorities were different and it didn’t kill me to not run. I still managed to squeeze in some 12 min BodyRock’s! The one non-fun thing about my run though…my watch died before my run was done.
It was my own stupid fault. I got cocky and thought 23% battery life would get through 5 miles. FYI: it doesn’t!
It’s now charging so I won’t have that problem the next time I set out for run. Maybe I’ll test the limits with 30%, but never 27% again…unless it’s a little stroll! 
I think I ran pretty close to 5 miles (which was my intention), but the last time I checked my watch before it died, I was at 4.39 mi and then I have no idea when it died after that. I guess it’s up to my own interpretation, so this is where I can say that I ran 15 miles in 46 minutes. Alright, you might catch onto my lies, so I’ll just leave it at 5 😉
Now, I’m set out to do a workout with the hub at 1:30pm (after he’s finished up with some golf lessons) and not gonna lie…just spend the rest of the day relaxing. That’s my kinda Sunday funday!
QUESTION: What are YOU doing this Sunday funday?!