Hello! My name is Char and welcome to Char Eats Greens!! I have a passion for nutrition, running, all things Starbucks, cooking (especially baking), traveling and being with the ones I love. I am proudly Canadian (residing north of Toronto), but am totally serious when I mean I love to travel. If I could escape the whole Canadian winter to be down in Florida, I would!!

I started this blog out of my love for nutrition and eating a plant-based diet. Before going vegetarian in May, 2011 and then vegan that November, I never really had an appreciation for vegetables. I mean, I really did like them, but I was more of a ‘sweet girl’ and preferred fruit. Once I went vegetarian, I fell in love with vegetables – pretty much any veggie you can think of. So, I definitely attribute veggies to the reason for my blog name and I hope I can inspire you to eat plenty of them, too!

Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed the nutrition aspect, which encouraged me to go back to school, so I can fully pursue a career that I’m passionate about. I currently attend the University of Guelph for Applied Human Nutrition, so I can one day help others become experts on eating amazing foods!

When I’m not busy working away at school, I come home to an amazing husband. We were married on October 16th, 2009 on the beach in Florida.

Although my husband went to school down in South Carolina on a golf scholarship, I actually met him in my hometown! Within 2 years of meeting, we were married! When you know, you know! 😛 We currently reside in my hometown since it’s close enough for me to still be able to commute to school and for him to work!

My husband is just like me and likes to travel. After getting married we actually lived in Australia for four and half months, and then moved out to Kelowna, BC for the summer after we returned home from Australia. We eventually settled back in my hometown after living in Kelowna for 8 months, and have been living here the past two years. But you never know what the future holds! 😉

Speaking of future, our little 2-person family will be expanding to 3, a month after we celebrate our third wedding anniversary! I’m trying so hard to not turn my blog into everything pregnancy, but sometimes it’s hard to not relate it to…everything! We’re super excited and our little one should be here around November 16th. Let the betting begin for when the little one comes!

Apart from school, a husband and future baby(!!), I also enjoy running. I would hardly consider myself a seasoned runner (having only really focused on getting better in the past year and a half or so), but I have done a few races, including:

  • My first half marathon – September, 2011
  • 5 miler (in Florida) – December, 2011
  • 10K – May, 2012

With hopes of plenty more to come in the future!! I actually wanted to run my second half marathon this summer, and actually do the same one as last year, where I did my first, but it might be too close to having the baby. For right now, I run on my own, but have set some pregnancy goals to keep me on track 😉

That about sums me up!

If you have any questions, you can always reach me by email: chareatsgreens@gmail.com


look for me on Twitter!


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